A New York man kept 24 huskies in ‘deplorable’ conditions

A New York man kept 24 huskies in ‘deplorable’ conditions

Investigators on Staten Island found a man who kept more than two dozen huskies in squalid conditions.

Investigators on Staten Island found a man who kept more than two dozen huskies in squalid conditions (Images: Twitter/ @NYCSHERIFF)

A Staten Island man who owned more than two dozen Siberian huskies dogs and puppies in ‘deplorable’ conditions has been accused of animal cruelty.

Victor Quinteros, 59, was indicted by a grand jury after an investigation by the Staten Island District Attorney’s Office and the New York City Sheriff’s Department discovered the dogs in a secluded lot in the neighborhood. Staten Island’s Tompkinsville.

Investigators executed a search warrant on Quinteros’ lot, which was surrounded by trailers, an old bus and a mobile home, on July 29.

As soon as they entered, they saw five huskies on the loose in what they described as “unsanitary and unsanitary conditions.”

When they opened the door to one of the trailers, 10 more huskies ran out, apparently looking for food.

Investigators from the New York City Sheriff’s Office enter Victor Quinteros’ lot (Image: @NYCSHERIFF)

The dogs drank from what the sheriff’s office described as “a small kiddie pool filled with dirty, smelly water.” The pool was the only source of water on the property.

The only food was kept in a large white bucket and had worms crawling in it, they said.

Investigators described the interior of the trailer as “extremely hot and stuffy, with no lamps or airflow” and said it was “covered in urine and fecal matter.”

An adult husky was found under the trailer nursing eight puppies. One of them had already died.

Two more dogs were found in another trailer with the same condition. One of the dogs was lying on his side and was unresponsive until he received medical attention.

The dogs were taken to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), where they received medical treatment.

“This defendant neglected to provide for the basic needs of twenty-four huskies in his care, ruthlessly choosing to leave these beautiful creatures in deplorable and unsafe conditions without access to sufficient food or water,” said Richmond County District Attorney Michael McMahon.

According to investigators, authorities were tipped off after Quinteros’ neighbors noticed the horrific conditions.

“It’s important to acknowledge and acknowledge the importance of the community reporting what they saw, allowing us to mobilize in response,” said New York City Sheriff Anthony Miranda. “We are happy that the Huskies are in better and more compassionate hands”

A month earlier, on June 29, Quinteros punched a woman who was looking at the dogs after hearing them howling and barking, the New York Daily News reported.

Quinteros also faces assault and harassment charges for the earlier incident, police sources told the newspaper.

The Daily News also reported that Quinteros has refused to officially release the dogs and refuses to consent to the animals being spayed, neutered and microchipped.

Quinteros was also charged with nineteen charges related to property damage, in addition to the animal cruelty charges.

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