All free items revealed for Pokémon GO, Unite, TCG at the Pokémon World Championships

All free items revealed for Pokémon GO, Unite, TCG at the Pokémon World Championships

pokemon world championships
Image: The Pokemon Company/Nintendo Life

The Pokémon World Championships are almost here, and The Pokémon Company has revealed a bunch of in-game merchandise that viewers will be able to get for free.

These limited-time offers (brought to you by Go Nintendo) will be available to anyone who watches the championships via official Twitch streams, during which various codes will be released that will allow you to unlock various cool new items in Pokémon Unite, Pokémon GO and the Pokemon trading card game. It looks like these codes won’t last long after the Championships end on August 22, so make sure you have your Switch and mobile ready while you tune in!

Without further ado, here’s all the information you’ll need to redeem every free in-game item downloaded at upcoming World Championship events.

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO
Image: The Pokemon Company

Starting with the most limited time offer, the Pokémon GO Twitch stream will provide two exclusive reveals for those paying attention to the live chat and video streams.

First, you’ll have the chance to take part in a new Timed Research, which promises to “provide Trainers with an introduction to battling, as well as a selection of Pokémon encounters to build a competitive Grand League team.” “

Once entered, you will be able to choose from the following encounter rewards:

  • Team Option 1: Ariados, Pelipper, Galarian Stunfisk
  • Team Option 2: Skarmory, Swampert, Drapion
  • Team Option 3: Talonflame, Venusaur, Jelly

The code to participate in this research will only be active for one hour after you share it on the stream, so enter it quickly to ensure you have a chance to build the best team possible.

There will also be the option to redeem a cosmetic reward in Pokémon GO during the live stream. The event will share a Worlds 2022 jersey code, which will provide an exclusive World Championship jersey for your in-game avatar so you can continue to enjoy the event in the future.

The t-shirt code appears to also be posted on official Pokémon social media after the livestream ends and will be valid until August 22 at 4:59pm PDT.

Pokemon trading card game

Pokemon TCG
Image: The Pokemon Company

Don’t worry, Pokémon TCG players, the event will also offer exclusive offers for you. During the TCG live stream, a code will be released that will allow you to redeem the Path to Peak Stadium card from the Sword and Shield – Astral Radiance expansion. This card requires Pokémon with a Rule Box in play to have no Abilities, and it could be yours, for free!

There’s a little less rush to redeem the code on this one, as we understand you’ll be able to get the virtual card until 11pm PDT on August 28, 2022. You can redeem the code on the Pokémon TCG Online either Pokemon Trading Card Game Live

Pokémon United

Pokémon United
Image: The Pokemon Company

The final round of in-game exclusives to be released during the World Championship live streams comes to Pokémon Unite. During the Unite Twitch stream, a code will be made available that will earn you a special Worlds-themed t-shirt for your Trainer to wear.

This white t-shirt proudly displays the World Championship logo, the same one we’ve seen on other exclusive products like the Pokémon Coin Set, so you can take your memento of the event with you when you enter the battlefield.

The exclusive in-game jersey code will appear at some point during the live stream and will be available to redeem until August 30 at 4:59pm PDT. All that time will feel like a leisurely vacation compared to the frantic speed at which Pokémon GO fans will want to enter their training code!

The Pokémon World Championships start tomorrow (August 18) and will last until August 21. If you are not lucky enough to attend the event in person, check out the official live streaming schedule where you can find all the information you need to watch the events from the comfort of your home.

GO, Unite, and TCG players aren’t the only ones getting some free rewards during Championships. Pokemon Sword & Shield players will be able to get a couple of codes, depending on whether they’re at the event or not, and one of them has a very British flavor.

And don’t forget that if you’re in London for the event, you can also visit the Pokémon Center Pop-Up at the ExCel, which is open from today until Sunday.

What piece of exclusive merchandise are you most excited to redeem? Let us know in the comments below!

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