Amazon's Huge Layoffs Are Gutting Comixology

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Amid a sea ​​of ​​mass layoffs in tech industry, Amazon’s previously declared intent to cut down its workforce with virtually 20,000 career cuts began rolling out this week—and stories are that Comixology, the digital comics storefront Amazon purchased in 2014, is becoming hit hard.

News of major cuts at Comixology emerged on social media yesterday afternoon, as program manager Scott McGovern verified his exit among “numerous” many others. Nameless workers talking to Polygon alledged that Comixology personnel—who are portion of Amazon’s Stores division, the division these new layoffs mainly target on—have been explained to that though some are getting let go as of this week, far more have been knowledgeable on no matter if they had been going to be lower in coming months or afterwards in 2023.

The correct scope of the layoffs at Comixology is unfamiliar, leaving its destiny uncertain—especially in the wake of a hugely controversial rehaul of the platform previous calendar year. The variations went much further than redesigning the app and site for the main electronic comics storefront and incorporated a disastrous integration of the service much more intently into Amazon’s storefronts, shutting down Comixology’s very own web-site in the course of action. In between mass errors, clunky navigation, title discoverability problems, and the conclusion of a very long-working creator royalties system in favor of utilizing Amazon’s ebook publishing method Kindle Direct, Comixology invested a lot of the previous year apologizing for and trying to deal with the litany of concerns, an ongoing system.

Or the very least, made use of to be. Amazon’s moves to gut Comixology soon after just about a year of buyer and creator strife potentially isn’t going to just threaten the service’s existence at the forefront of digital comics distribution, but its existence at all.

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