Andy Ruiz Jr says Usyk is a tough guy for Joshua to beat

Andy Ruiz Jr says Usyk is a tough guy for Joshua to beat

Andy Ruiz Jr says Usyk is a tough guy for Joshua to beat

By Dan Ambrose: Andy Ruiz Jr. hinted this week that he thinks Oleksandr Usyk will defeat Anthony Joshua in their rematch on Saturday night in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Former IBF/WBA/WBO heavyweight champion Ruiz says he would like to fight Usyk after defeating Luis Ortiz on September 4.

There is also a chance that Ruiz could face Deontay Wilder in a WBC final eliminator after Ortiz. But if that fight doesn’t happen, Ruiz says he wants Usyk next.

“Anthony Joshua goes down and gets back up, or loses, and fights back to win,” Andy Ruiz Jr told Fight Hub TV. “Usyk is also a tough guy. His style, throw combinations.

“When I win on September 4 against Luis Ortiz, you never know. If Wilder doesn’t make the fight, We could look for UsykRuiz said.

“Joshua has a chance, and he has Robert Garcia. You can’t change a fighter in training camp,” Shawn Porter told Fight Hub TV. “I don’t know how long they’ve been training together, but I think Robert Garcia is the X factor in terms of getting Anthony Joshua to throw more punches and increase his pace.

“I think with faster pace and more aggressive pace, that’s the key to beating Usyk for Anthony Joshua. I don’t see Anthony Joshua being able to catch Usyk. I think if he beats him, he has to be by knockout. He would side with Usyk.

“You have to prepare. That’s part of the training,” Porter said when told that if Joshua throws more punches, he’ll run out faster. I think there is a misconception that people think that because he has muscles that he gets fatigued because of his muscles.

“If he trains and gets those red blood cells to multiply, I’m getting into something else, but he oxygenates those muscles better during training, and that carries over into the fight, he can have a higher tempo.

“Don’t get twisted and think that because of the weight he has or because he has the muscle mass that he has, that it will tire him if he throws more punches.

“If throwing more punches is what it takes to beat Usyk, then you have to do what you have to do to prepare to throw more punches. Can be done. In the past, they said, ‘Don’t lift weights because it slows you down.’

“Clense your muscles. So let me tell you yes. But there are things you can do to get all that blood out that you put in there to get it out. You do massages or other exercises and all that kind of stuff.

“You don’t lift weights every day, but you have to incorporate a strength and conditioning program. The conditioning side is how you get the strength to work.

“We are seeing more fighters putting strength and conditioning programs in place, and we see that it is very beneficial for fighters,” Porter said.

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