Benjamin Mendy: Woman who accused soccer player of WhatsApp gang rape with another alleged victim |  football news

Benjamin Mendy: Woman who accused soccer player of WhatsApp gang rape with another alleged victim | football news

A woman who has accused Premier League footballer Benjamin Mendy of rape was in a WhatsApp group with another alleged sexual assault victim who wanted to sue Manchester City, a court has heard.

The woman alleged that Mendy, 28, raped her three times at her home in October 2020 when she was 20, after returning home with other women after a Sunday night drinking session at a bar. near.

Another complainant, aged 24 at the time, alleges that three months later, on January 2, 2021, Mendy sexually assaulted her by grabbing her groin over her clothes at a party at his mansion, The Spinney, in Mottram St Andrew, Cheshire. .

Prosecutors allege that Mendy is a “predator” who “turned the pursuit of women for sex into a game.”

During cross-examination by Eleanor Laws QC, representing Mendy, the rape complainant denied trying to “minimize” meeting the other woman, said they had a mutual friend, and told police in a statement: “I think I met her once, but I can’t.” be sure.”

He told the jury at Chester Crown Court that he reported his rape allegation to police in November 2020 and learned of the other woman’s groping allegation in February 2021 and had to take two months off work due. to the trauma of reliving his own experience.

The other complainant went to the police shortly after the two women made contact in February.

Ms Laws said: “After she learned of the others’ allegations, she went to the police two days later.

“Did she ever argue with you about what happened, did she want to sue Manchester City for what happened to her?”

The woman replied, “I don’t remember.”

The witness said she did not remember the two being part of a WhatsApp group with the title “Sunday Shlagggs”, but admitted that the two had been with other girls on an overnight trip to Wales.

She denied trying to “exaggerate and lie” about what had happened between her and Mendy.

Mrs. Laws continued: “Are you convinced that it was Mr. Mendy who did something wrong that night and not something totally consensual?”

The witness replied: “I am absolutely certain that I did not give my consent.”

Mrs. Laws added: “What happened in that room with Mr. Mendy? Did you do things that you regretted and were ashamed of the next day?”

“Absolutely not,” the witness replied.

Mendy denies eight counts of rape, one count of attempted rape and one count of sexual assault against seven young women.

Co-defendant Louis Saha Matturie, 41, a friend and fixer for the soccer player, allegedly had a job finding young women for sex.

Matturie, from Eccles, Salford, denies eight counts of rape and four counts of sexual assault relating to eight young women.

Both men say that if there was sex, it was consensual.

At re-examination, Timothy Cray QC, Prosecutor, asked the woman why she decided to go to the police and go ahead with Mendy’s prosecution.

She replied, “The main reason was that I just didn’t want to be here anymore.

“That’s a really scary thought for me because I have really good friends and a really good job, but I couldn’t go on without being myself.

“If someone just heard me and is beside myself, then I can try to continue.

“I didn’t want to live a life where I pretty much didn’t want to be here anymore.

“I didn’t want to do that to my family or my sister.”

The trial has been postponed until Monday.

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