Do Kwon Makes Bold Claims About LUNA In This Recent Interview

Do Kwon Makes Bold Claims About LUNA In This Recent Interview

Do Kwon Makes Bold Claims About LUNA In This Recent Interview

Do Kwon made his first public appearance since the fall of Luna, with an interview he did to Currency. There has been a lot of negative sentiment against Do Kwon, and speculators believe that Do Kwon has also benefited from the fall of UST.

Well, responding to speculation, Kwon came out and explicitly said that he never shorted a cryptocurrency in his life or profited from Luna’s crash.

Even so, there has been some skepticism about Do Kwon’s claims. Consider this: Twitter user Fat Man, who claims to be a member of Terra, has openly expressed that Do Kwon is charging Luna. And it is that, in one of his tweets, the user even explained how Kwon did it.

Although Do Kwon denies all of these claims, he is still hesitant to return to South Korea and face music like the rest of his employees.

It’s not just Do Kwon who has jumped ship. Well, his legal team ended up leaving amid all the chaos, too.

legal issues

Even though Do Kwon has left the country, the Korean police have sent him notices to appear in court. Interestingly, Do Kwon has now teamed up with a new group of lawyers from a South Korean law firm to face the charges against him.

But his legal troubles don’t end there, multiple lawsuits have been filed against the co-founder of Terraform Labs in the US with self-proclaimed whistleblower FatMan also involved.

In this regard, FatMan added on his twitter account stated,

“We are joining the class action lawsuit filed in the US by the international law firm Scott+Scott. We are also preparing actions in another jurisdiction. We demand a fair trial to uncover all of TFL [and] Do the misdeeds of Kwon and so that justice can take its course.”

Although Do Kwon has yet to appear in court, he made some arguments about how it all happened.

One of the things he mentioned in the interview was how, when a slight drop occurred, Do Kwon tried to get another round of $2 billion by selling some Luna. But due to an apparent mole, the news leaked out and selling pressure increased, resulting in all calamity.

The court’s decision and the outcome of the lawsuits remain to be seen. But it seems that people in the crypto community have already made up their minds.

Well, one of the many criticisms was about Kwon’s recent interview. People were upset by his calm demeanor and felt they had been denied justice as Do Kwon remained in Singapore while the rest of his team faces charges.

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