Emmerdale star mocks danger over Charles’ job

Emmerdale star mocks danger over Charles’ job

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale Actor Kevin Mathurin has teased his character’s future as the village vicar after a new storyline with his long-lost daughter.

Lately, Charles Anderson has found himself in a precarious position as he tries to build a relationship with Naomi.

It’s been a tumultuous few months with the duo coming and going, sometimes with violent misunderstandings getting in the way. But Naomi has refused to have anything to do with him, following her decision not to get close to her when she found out about her last year.

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speaking to inner soapAnderson revealed that his character’s guilt will lead him to put up with “a lot of abuse” from Naomi, until it intervenes with his job as a vicar.

“Charles is trying to make up for lost time, so Naomi has it wrapped around her little finger,” she said.

“He puts up with a lot of abuse from her, and then a situation disrupts his relationship with a parishioner. Charles ends up jeopardizing his job for Naomi.”

However, Anderson hinted that Charles’ work may be where he draws the line on his daughter’s influence.

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“She may be his daughter, but he doesn’t really know her. It’s going to get messy!”

Fortunately, it seems that as difficult as things get for Charles, he will not be abandoning his duty to the Church for the foreseeable future.

“There have been times when he’s wanted to get ‘old Charles’ out. But I wouldn’t want him to ditch the dog collar as he loves his job helping people. Parsons don’t have it easy, not in this town.” in any case!”

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