Fire breaks out at Nintendo headquarters in Japan

Fire breaks out at Nintendo headquarters in Japan

nintendo headquarters

NHK is reporting that yesterday afternoon there was a small fire at Nintendo’s corporate headquarters in Kyoto.

Authorities are still investigating the exact cause of the fire, but it is believed to have been caused by a faulty device that had been charging.

The local fire department says the fire, which broke out in a third-floor room, was first called around 1:00 p.m. on August 15 and eight trucks were dispatched to the scene.

Ultimately, though, they weren’t needed, because by the time they arrived, some Nintendo employees had put out the fire themselves, and the only reported damage was a few burned tables and chairs.

Interestingly enough, it was just a few weeks ago at Nintendo’s annual shareholder meeting. that the company discussed some contingency plans for what if nintendo buildings and property were once threatened. Not that they’ve ever been here, but still, it’s an interesting read given the context, or if you’ve ever wondered “how would Nintendo survive a massive disaster?”:

Even if the continuity of our business is hampered by a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, or by some dangerous infectious disease that is highly contagious and could cause a serious medical condition, we have a documented response plan and have implemented several proactive measures to that we can can restore operations as quickly as possible.

If a disaster occurs, we will convene a disaster response committee, headed by the president, who will act to ensure the safety of our employees, protect the integrity of company property, and protect personnel and communication systems for the disaster relief effort. Recovery. As part of our development activities, critical information such as game data currently in development is regularly backed up. This allows us to restore the data as soon as possible in case something happens. In manufacturing, we try to reduce overall risk by dispersing operations among multiple subcontractors wherever possible. This will allow us to mitigate the impact on manufacturing and material procurement in the event that a manufacturing partner’s facility is damaged.

With regard to individual business operations, we have always been working to ensure smooth business continuity by constantly reviewing our priorities in the event of an emergency and preparing action plans for each department during normal times. We also conduct disaster response training as needed.

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