House of the Dragon review: can it save the legacy of Game of Thrones?

House of the Dragon review: can it save the legacy of Game of Thrones?

When it comes to house of the dragonDebut, there are only two real camps. Or do you intend to approach the game of Thrones spin-off series with great trepidation, sweating more than Samwell Tarly during his first training lesson at Castle Black. Or he’s just given up hope that he’ll ever be any good. Either way, who could blame you?

It’s no secret that game of ThronesThe last season of was a bit of a flop. Her mishandling of Daenerys’ character by accelerating her descent into madness was unfortunate, to say the least. However, it was not the only crime he committed the season.

The show had a history of sacrificing lovable characters for the sake of a great story arc. Although painful and ruthless, its effectiveness was beautiful and rewarding.

For season eight, the stakes were so high that we were expecting some emotionally necessary losses. Sadly, this was not the case.

milly alcock as young rhaenyra targaryen and emily carey as young alicent hightower, house of the dragon


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Few could sympathize with Jorah Mormont’s sacrifice; after all, she had been bowing down to Daenerys for far too long. Dying for her wasn’t that surprising. It was almost a relief to be rid of his longing for her.

We had barely spent enough time with Lyanna Mormont to feel the weight of the boy warrior’s death, and then there was Theon Greyjoy. His death, though solemn, was made acceptable by the redemption it offered her.

It could be said that game of ThronesThe biggest crime was the lack of karmic retribution for Queen. Cersei Lannister. To say that Cersei had blood on her hands would be an understatement; she bathed in it every day.

As the show hurtled toward a confusing ending, fans were sure of one thing. Cersei would suffer. It is true that she died scared and unable to intimidate her to reach a safe place, but in her last hours she was granted the consolation of her brother and her lover Jaime, and that we cannot forgive.

matt smith as daemon targaryen in house of the dragon


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In fact, there are many unforgivable things in game of Thrones‘ ending, which in turn made showrunners Ryan J Condal and Miguel Sapochnik work with house of the dragon much more difficult. Before the jump, the spin-off carried the weight of disappointment from fans and the tarnished legacy of the main series.

But it has house of the dragon been able to free itself from the sullied reputation of the franchise? In short, yes. By far, helllllll yes! The premiere episode is flawless. We affirm it with courage and chest.

The cinematic shots are exhilarating and so enjoyable they should be rated R. The camera angles are exquisite. How is the thread of the familiar game of Thrones musical score, weaving in and out of newer dramatic music as Rhaenyra (Milly Alcock) on the back of her dragon. She is excitable.

steve toussaint as the sea serpent, house of the dragon


However, that’s just a taste of what the show has to offer.

Game of Thrones’ debut episode celebrated the audience with its shocking ending. From that moment on, fans knew they had a show that was going to push the bar.

They raised the stakes even further later in the first season with the death of Ned Stark, proving that they weren’t afraid to put us through the emotional tone.

Compared, house of the dragon it achieves this effect all within its first episode.

emily carey, milly alcock, house of the dragon


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be fair to game of Thronesthere was a lot of world building that needed to be done to paint a universe we could truly believe in. house of the dragon it benefits from the already existing tradition and dives right in.

The first episode can focus more intimately on who these characters are and how they relate to each other.

It focuses on cementing particularly important relationships while also giving viewers a finite view of the characters both above and below it, peppering them with such detail.

paddy considine, house of the dragon


From the pinched cuticles to the suspicious looks, they all have meticulous layers to their characterization. This helps make the emotional impact of particular scenes even more rewarding, thanks to the time and care that is put into the characters.

Sidebar: When we say shock, we mean a big laugh, as there are a couple of scenes that will almost break it. (Unless you’re made of Valyrian steel, then you’re good.)

Of course, we can’t explore the merits of the show’s debut without talking about the dragons. Given their importance to House Targaryen, the representation of dragons is paramount.

game of thrones, house of dragons


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A poorly CGI-ed winged beast could burn the show to ash faster than you can say “dracarys.” However, it is not necessary to run for cover. They are magnificent spectacles to behold.

The detail, the color, the texture are perfection, but all that means nothing if the beasts don’t move and feel like something truly alive. Fortunately, dragons’ bodies move fluidly, right down to the fins on their skin.

They’re a marked improvement over Daenerys’s already impressive dragons, and that’s only because Daenerys’s winged creatures were already impressive.

paddy considine as king viserys i targaryen, house of the dragon


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Condal and Sapochnik have managed to get crucial elements of the show right, giving fans a debut reminiscent of game of Thrones during its golden age. Feel and greatness live largely within the pocket of the game of Thrones universe, but the show also offers much more.

The spinoff delves into a story that we’ve only been able to scratch the surface of, taking the story in a different direction. The result is something emotionally familiar, but narratively different.

Let’s hope house of the dragon clings to this illustrious reign and does not descend to the madness that afflicted his predecessor.

house of the dragon will be released on August 21 in the US on hboand August 22 in the UK on Sky Atlantic and NOW. game of Thrones seasons 1-8 are available on DVD and Blu-ray.

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