How Sofia Carson’s Purple Hearts Became a Huge Netflix Hit

How Sofia Carson’s Purple Hearts Became a Huge Netflix Hit

Coming to Netflix a week after the star-studded blockbuster the gray manit was not thought that purple hearts It would make a great impression.

The romantic drama starring Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine had been devastated by critics (33% of rotten tomatoes), but that didn’t stop it from posting a strong opening weekend with 48.23 million hours viewed.

Typically, a Netflix original would run for roughly the same number of hours over the next seven days before a steady decline as people turn to the latest original movie. Nope purple hearts, though.

In its first full week (August 1-7), the film logged 102.59 million hours viewed, marking the biggest week in 2022 for a Netflix film. And now, after 17 days of release, it sits atop Netflix’s top 10 movies of all time.

But how did purple hearts Braving critics and some major controversy to become a Netflix hit? The answer, it seems, is very simple: the stars did it.

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It’s no surprise that the biggest movies on Netflix tend to be the ones starring big stars. Quality rarely matters, as if you were browsing Netflix looking for something to watch on the weekend, a new movie with a recognizable star will always be worth watching.

In the top ten, you got star studded outfits don’t look up, the gray man Y the Irishtwo films by Sandra Bullock (bird box, the unforgivable) and many Marvel stars, such as Chris Hemsworth Extraction and three Ryan Reynolds films: red notice (also with Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot), The Adam Project Y 6 underground.

The one exception is the popular teen rom-com sequel. kissing booth 2 which ranks ninth (for now) with 209.25 million hours viewed. And while purple hearts it’s far from a romantic comedy, the way it built its success is comparable to that movie.

As Joey King, Jacob Elordi and more did with kissing booth 2, purple hearts Leading stars Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine have been impressively dedicated in their promotional campaign. Usually you’d expect that in the buildup and during opening weekend, but two weeks later, it’s still happening.

purple hearts remains on all of Carson and Galitzine’s social media accounts, celebrating the film’s success and giving fans behind-the-scenes insight. Whether or not Netflix promoted the movie to you, there’s a good chance (even if you don’t follow any of them) that you saw your shared posts on your timeline.

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Compare that with, say, the gray man And beyond the expected opening weekend posts, the likes of Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, and more haven’t posted about the film since. The Russo Brothers still are, but while they’re well known for their work in the MCU, they don’t have the social media clout of their cast.

Of course, a movie like the gray man you don’t need social media promotion to be successful. It’s already fourth on the all-time list with 245.09 million hours watched and will appeal to anyone on Netflix with its cast.

purple heartson the other hand, it needed that extra bit to make it stand out from the Netflix crowd, given that new original movies are added every week.

It’s not just on social media that their main duo have been active, as they’ve also continued to make the rounds of interviews. Again, I’d expect that on prep and opening weekend, but it continues two weeks after its release.

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Netflix movies don’t have two release waves like a traditional movie where you would have the theatrical release and then the home entertainment release. By continuing to heavily promote the film, Carson and Galitzine kept it in the zeitgeist and appealed to a broader audience beyond their (already impressive) fan bases.

It also allows them to directly address the controversy over the film’s use of racist language. They say lack of press is bad press and it’s potentially true here because, as much as you won’t admit it, people love to read about controversies and backlash, bringing purple hearts to the attention of even more potential viewers.

After its second full week (August 8-14) of 46.37 million hours viewed, purple hearts stands at 197.19 million hours in total. It’s still in the top ten most watched movies in 92 countries on Netflix, so a spectacular crash this week seems unlikely.

The top ten are based on the first 28 days of release, so purple hearts will soon outgrow 6 underground (205.47 million) and kissing booth 2 (209.25 million) at least, putting it in the top ten most watched Netflix movies of all time.

sofia carson, nicholas galitzine, purple hearts


I like it bird box marked a change in the way Netflix promoted movies, could the unexpected success of purple hearts also lead to a change in strategy?

Established movie stars will always sell a movie, but if low-budget movies like purple hearts it can be just as big, maybe Netflix will order more. If major stars have social media clout (like Carson and Galitzine) and promote her a lot, she’s arguably as valuable as a Marvel heavyweight.

That’s only going to become clear a year or two later, so for now, you can just take your hat off to purple hearts for his impressive achievement, whatever your opinion of the film.

purple hearts is available to watch now on Netflix.

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