London police arrest teen, but won’t confirm he’s the GTA 6 hacker

London police arrest teen, but won’t confirm he’s the GTA 6 hacker

Police in London have arrested a teenager on suspicion of hacking offences, authorities said Friday. The 17-year-old suspect was arrested in Oxfordshire, England, as part of an ongoing investigation with the government’s National Cybercrime Unit. Police declined to confirm any other details about the arrest and investigation, other than that the suspect is in custody.

That said, the circumstances follow previous arrests related to a hacking group said to be responsible for breaches at Uber and Rockstar Games, the latter of which led to the leak of in-development game footage. grand theft auto 6 posted over the weekend.

Polygon has also contacted the US Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice, as the US government is also investigating the Uber hacking incident. Neither Rockstar Games nor Uber responded to a request for comment Friday morning.

Uber believes an international hacker group calling itself Lapsus$ was responsible for the breach there. In March, London police arrested seven people connected to the group, one of them a teenager from Oxfordshire, about an hour west of London. Then in April, two teenagers, ages 16 and 17, were charged in connection with the hacking group and released on bail. Lapsus$ is also suspected of accessing the systems of Microsoft, T-Mobile, Ubisoft, and the security company Okta.

The Rockstar Games hacker, after posting nearly an hour of footage of the game in development, claimed responsibility for the Uber breach. With the Rockstar Games leak, the hacker also claimed to have obtained the source code for grand theft auto 5 Y GTA 6, as well as a test version of the game in development. Rockstar confirmed the unprecedented hack on Monday, but noted that there would be no disruption to its services or development of GTA 6.

“We recently experienced a network intrusion in which an unauthorized third party illegally accessed and downloaded sensitive information from our systems, including early development footage of the next Grand Theft Auto,” a studio representative posted on Twitter.

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