Lovely Inu introduces a new meme token to…

Lovely Inu introduces a new meme token to…

Worldwide, US/Europe/Asia, Aug 15, 2022, Chainwire

Lovely Inu, is a project that is brought to revolutionize the meme token industry. At first glance, all meme-inspired tokens seem worthless: they often have no application, no liquidity, and no long-term perspective. To shatter this stereotype, the team of cryptocurrency enthusiasts decided to launch a project called Lovely Inu with the main goal of revolutionizing the meme token industry by creating its own unique ecosystem.

Lovely Inu is a utility token key for products like BNB Smart Chain V3 Exchangea gaming platform with live casinos, a Launch pad, crypto wallet, and more.

For now, the main goal of the Lovely Inu founders is to enter the global crypto market. To do this, they will launch 5 rebuy events and list your token on 5 more crypto exchanges. The events will take place in August, September and October – the exact dates are published on the Lovely Inu website.

In addition, the Lovely Inu project will become a Titanium Sponsor of Crypto Expo Asia 2022. The startup was also mentioned on a billboard from New York Times Square areas, as well as by Tv8 int and Beinsport. The public recognition of the project confirms the popularity, liquidity and prospects of Lovely Inu.

Learn more about the project and its latest news using the links:

Beinsport Ads:

Billboard in New York:

Tv8 in:


Also extended community at:



Ad Channel:




About LOVELY V3 Exchange

LOVELY V3 Swap is a multi-chain compatible automated market maker, first implemented on Binance Smart Chain. Compared to the protocol’s V1/V2 swap, LOVELY V3 Swap provides higher capital efficiency and more precise control to liquidity providers, improves the accuracy and convenience of oracle pricing, and has a more flexible fee structure.


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