Michael Gove confronted by an anti-Brexit tourist delayed by 30 hours

Michael Gove confronted by an anti-Brexit tourist delayed by 30 hours

Michael Gove and Candida Jones.

Candida Jones says she had a 15-minute debate with the former cabinet minister (Image: Twitter/@candidaj)

Michael Gove has been called into question over Brexit after getting stuck in huge queues at a Greek airport.

An anti-Brexit tourist has confronted the prominent exit campaigner after suffering a 30-hour delay that she says was “exacerbated” by Britain’s exit from the EU.

Former Labor councilor Candida Jones, who also works for a Labor peer, criticized the former cabinet minister for his involvement in Brexit, in the queue at Athens International Airport last night.

Gove, who has recently divorced, was photographed standing alone in the same row but is believed not to have been on the same flight to Gatwick.

Mrs Jones tweeted yesterday: ‘Almost 30 hours late on our EasyJet flight now.

“I was told that the problem is a lack of staff due to the pandemic aggravated, in the case of the UK, by #Brexit. So it’s at least some consolation to find Brexit’s archenemy (Michael Gove) caught up in the same #BrexitChaos #BrexitShambles shit show.

The 50-year-old also said mirror that he had debated with the former cabinet minister for 15 minutes in the baggage claim queue.

The South Londoner described the Tory backer of Brexit as “polite but very passive-aggressive”, adding that he insisted the delays had nothing to do with Brexit.

She told the newspaper that she asked him to name “opportunities” to leave the EU, and he said the launch of vaccines and agricultural reforms.

Mrs Jones told the Mirror: ‘I said ‘come on, this is just ridiculous. There is nothing about being a member of the EU that somehow prevented us from launching the vaccine earlier.”

“I told him: ‘You’re a smart guy, and you know what you’re telling me isn’t true, and you need to stop treating us Brits like we’re stupid.'”

He added that Gove said he was on vacation and didn’t think it was a good time or place to talk.

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The swap came after months of delays at travel hubs across the UK, which experts say have been made worse by Brexit, though other issues are at play.

The incident went viral on social media.

Gove was a prominent campaigner for the license, but then he blew up Boris Johnson’s first bid to become prime minister.

In the final hours of his tenure as prime minister, Johnson fired him in apparent retaliation, even as dozens of ministers resigned.

This is not the first time that Ms Jones, who says every trip she has taken this year has been cut short by Brexit, has run into a leading Conservative on a holiday abroad.

In 2008, he claimed that George Osborne “ruined” his day on the beach in Corfu with his speedboat.

Metro.co.uk has contacted Mr Gove’s office for comment.

An ally of his told the Mirror that “he was polite as usual”.

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