Never Have I Ever actress explains the show’s approach to sex

Never Have I Ever actress explains the show’s approach to sex

Never Have I Ever actress explains the show’s approach to sex

I have never spoilers follow.

I have never It recently released its third season on Netflix, which culminated in the main character Devi going to Ben’s house to claim his offer to help her lose her virginity.

Her decision is partially influenced by the stamp on her virtual cards from all of her friends, and overall it feels like season 3 has a lot more discussion about sex than previous seasons.

Leading star Maitreyi Ramakrishnan agrees with that assessment, saying digital spy in an exclusive interview that “it’s very important. Sex is a big deal, as Kamala says.”

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“One of my favorite scenes is the scene between Kamala and Devi, where Kamala says, ‘It’s very intimate. Is she pushing you?’ He’s having a real conversation with her. It’s a real conversation, because you can see that Devi feels safe enough to say, ‘Is it going to hurt down there?’

“She feels safe enough to ask that and sometimes in conversations, especially when we’re young, we don’t feel safe enough to ask that because we feel like we’re going to be judged. They’re going to see us one way.” . or the other You are an absolute whore, or you are a virgin of the good two shoes.

“I’m speaking here as a woman from the good experience of the old lady: It’s better to have an open conversation, especially with people you can trust and your friends. I just understand that everyone has a different rhythm, and that’s perfectly fine. I think that It’s amazing that all three girls lose their virginity at different times.”

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Ramakrishnan also spoke about how the show is part of changing television and film along with the evolution of conversations about sex in general, with less of a focus on a “toxic” male perspective. You can read the full lengthy interview with her here.

I have never Seasons 1-3 are available to stream on Netflix now.

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