Pokémon Center full of queues despite the advance reservation system

Pokémon Center full of queues despite the advance reservation system

The latest pop-up store at the Pokémon Center in London was plagued by queues on its opening day, reflecting the sticky situation fans faced last time.

The advice given to fans this afternoon, even those who previously booked their spot for shopping, is reportedly to now arrive and start queuing an hour before the scheduled entry time, you have been told. told Eurogamer.

The pop-up store is open for four more days at the ExCeL Center in London, where the Pokémon World Championships are taking place. Chris Tapsell from Eurogamer is in attendance and described it to me as “very busy”.

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The Pokemon Center Pop-Up Shop is the only place you can get the exclusive London Beefeater Pikachu and Roserade plush toys, along with all sorts of other goodies you can also find online.

Once again, it has proven extremely popular, just as it did in 2018, when a pop-up store in downtown Westfield led to lines around the block and Pokéfans camping out overnight.

In addition to seeing some of the world’s best Pokemon players in action, Pokemon Go fans are reporting that the area is spawning regional species from special tasks. Writing at the top of the PoGo reddit Silph Road, fans say species like the New York-exclusive Bouffalant are available through this method.

But it’s the images of the queues from the event that are exploding on social media, rather than the discussion of Worlds itself.

Social networks are full of photos and footage of the queues. Here’s a sample, including a video of the queue as it was this afternoon:

Image credit: calvin connor.

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