Pop-Tarts x Proper Gnar Latosha Stone Commercial Video

Pop-Tarts x Proper Gnar Latosha Stone Commercial Video

Pop-Tarts has tapped up-and-coming skate brand Proper Gnar to create a fun and exciting capsule inspired by the toaster pastry brand’s savory flavors. Proper Gnar was founded by skater and artist Latosha Stone, who is known for her vibrant use of color and anime-style illustrations. In a video showing the process of creating this special collection, Stone explains how other skate brands didn’t resonate with his colorful lifestyle. Instead, she was inspired by her art and love of anime to create Proper Gnar, a brand that has built a strong cult following over the years. For her collaboration, the collection includes apparel, skateboard decks and other fun accessories showcasing Stone’s cute and surreal world remixing Pop-Tarts flavors in eye-catching graphics.

As the leading force behind a women-owned skateboard brand, Stone is a pioneer in skate culture and an inspiration to many like her who seek to break into the industry through creativity, ingenuity and hard work. As a result of her own creative activities, Proper Gnar now has a merch capsule for Pop-Tarts Crazy Good Skate Jam at The Berrics.

“When Pop-Tarts approached me about this collection, I was really excited because I feel like a lot of the colors they use really vibrate with what I already do,” explains Stone. Selecting from her favorite Pop-Tarts flavors, she created skate accessories and apparel to capture the toasty pie in her signature style. There’s a Frosted Strawberry holographic skateboard deck that reflects a rainbow of colors in the sun, a Frosted Blueberry skateboard deck that features dynamic hand-drawn details, and a Frosted Wild Berry griptape that transforms your deck into a skate-ready Pop-Tart.

Stone’s designs also incorporate his love of watching anime, which can be seen on a t-shirt that features a custom character with colors inspired by Hot Fudge Sundae. Completing the collection is a Frosted Cherry bucket hat, which has become an essential skate accessory for the summer weather. All Pop-Tarts x Proper Gnar capsule items are offered in custom Stone packaging, including a custom box, custom tissue paper, and a custom foil pouch modeled after the signature Pop-Tarts wrappers. Watch his full process video to learn how all the pieces came together in the merch pod.

The Pop-Tarts x Proper Gnar merchandise capsule will be available at the Crazy Good Skate Jam, taking place at The Berrics on September 1 from 7 pm to 11 pm There will be giveaways at the event where guests can win merchandise during skate contests or through a gift on social networks. Items from the collection will also be available for purchase during the Crazy Good Skate Jam.

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