The locations of Goku, Vegeta and Dragon Ball officially arrive at Fortnite

The locations of Goku, Vegeta and Dragon Ball officially arrive at Fortnite

Iconic Dragon Ball characters including Goku, Vegeta, Bluma, and Beerus are coming to Fortnite along with various Dragon Ball-themed in-game activities that let you fly and fight as if you were a Super Saiyan.

Starting today, four Dragon Ball characters will be available in Fortnite along with themed items like the Power Pole Pickaxe, Kamesennin’s Staff Pickaxe, Nimbus Cloud Glider, Space Pod Glider, Charge Up Emote, Fusion Emote, and Boosting Ki Emote.

Cosmetics are just part of the Dragon Ball content coming to Fortnite. Alongside the characters and items in the Item Shop, there will be a “Unleashed Power” tab for all players that will open up Dragon Ball-themed quests that players can complete for rewards.

Fortnite – Dragon Ball Super Collaboration

There will be seven quests that can be completed for Dragon Balls. Complete all seven and players will be able to unlock a Shenron Glider along with other back decorations, sprays, and other rewards. These missions will be available starting August 30.

The Fortnite map will also add competitive Dragon Ball modes like Versus Boards. Players can sign up for Versus Boards and compete in a PvP-style battle where players will have five minutes to defeat their opponents using weapons such as the Kamehameha blast or Nimbus Cloud.

The main map will also add Kame House, where players can travel there and trade their gold bars with Bulma for unique items.

For non-competitive play, Fortnite will add Dragon Ball Adventure Island on August 19, which recreates various locations from the series, including Kami’s Palace, Goku’s House, and the Room of Spirit & Time. There will be an optional player versus player Tenkaichi Budokai arena, for the power hungry.

Lastly, Fortnite will host in-game viewing parties for select episodes of Dragon Ball Super from August 16 to September 17.

Fortnite previously announced that Dragon Ball would be coming to the game later this month. But going beyond new character skins, Epic is clearly banking on this Dragon Ball collaboration, especially given the anime’s enduring legacy.

While this will be an opportunity to collect Dragon Ball skins so you can finally pit Goku against Superman, Dragon Ball Adventure Land is effectively a standalone Dragon Ball video game built within Fortnite.

Regardless of how you feel about Epic’s world-dominating battle royale, it’s sure to add Goku and Vegeta to the ever-growing toy box.

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