The nostalgia of the K waves is exalted in 2022

The nostalgia of the K waves is exalted in 2022

As we continue to go through all the side effects of couture week and its hyped trends. Beauty tips try to go off the grid while hair and makeup raised the bar with crystallization along with pearls and florals. We should make the most of 2022 by changing our favorite trends, like crystals being the center of attention. And how do we feel about facial piercings, the return of thin brows, low-waisted jeans, and rounded donut-skin gloss lips? What else awaits us by the end of 2022? Let’s take a look at some of this year’s most celebrated looks.

bling and shiny

From the looks of it, two trends are going to be big this season; crystal studs and pearls in laminated hairstyles and hair treatments. This is something that has taken off globally. It has been applied and curiously spread worldwide, it is remarkable how each country and culture decodes them today. Ornaments are such an important part of many cultures, this is just another type of hair ornament. Sticking crystal studs in loose waves or playing with pearls in the most feminine way. Beachy waves, soft curls, ponytails, or shimmering straight hairpieces are easy to use as stickers. Adding more beauty and glamor to hair, these trends are here to stay with both traditional and western looks. Glossy laminated hair has been at its peak this season. Straight hair of any length, you can’t go wrong with a layer of soft shine added to your hair. It’s quick and easy to maintain, plus, to a certain extent, it gives you extra volume and makes your hair look healthier.

Face piercing and colored eyelashes

Few continents in Europe are known for their Gen-Z gothic funk. Although goth trends originated in the US, cities like Paris and London have their beauty experts predicting that facial piercings and colored false eyelashes will take center stage in 2022. Trends started with some American influencers and they became legit by Japanese Y2K girls. It’s the Y2K aesthetic making a big comeback this season. A safe bet would be instead of doing the actual drilling before you’re ready to jump in, try glue and silver spikes on your face to get into the groove. It’s one thing to pursue punk as a youth, but it’s another thing to live up to it and grow up as a different individual. As they say, trends fade, but style is eternal.

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Semi-matte glow vs donut

Cream concealer, cream blush, waterproof matte finish lipsticks vs all things liquid with a sheer glowy skin look are the two ongoing parallel trends serving their right skin types . Matte finish makeup backed by the post-pandemic era to keep it long lasting while wearing a mask or staying mostly outdoors. But at the same time, a light-skinned look with minimal foundation enhances freckles on the face, it has gained popularity with influencers who encourage you to embrace your skin and its texture. Offload your skin from the thick foundation and let it breathe and stay organic. To enhance the shine of light makeup, get a little tan before applying.

Don’t hesitate to embellish what your heart desires this season. Whether you want to explore studs and piercings or colored eyelashes with smoky eye makeup. This is your time to join the fashion trail. As they say, everything is fun in the game when you do it in the moment of fashion. Just be careful about which trend works best in case you are allergic to latex. The trend that is an all-time classic is to focus on skin care first. Rest remains seasonal as always.

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