Truss talks possibilities, but former cabinet ministers question her plans, all while Labor takes a big lead in the polls |  Political news

Truss talks possibilities, but former cabinet ministers question her plans, all while Labor takes a big lead in the polls | Political news

Liz Truss has renewed optimism about her chances of entering Downing Street next month, despite former Tory cabinet ministers throwing cold water on her plans.

Truss, who leads the race to become the next Conservative leader by a significant margin, has continued her economic push, saying “there’s too much talk that there’s going to be a recession”.

The UK inflation rate hit 10.1% last week, while the economy contracted 0.6% in June and is expected to continue on a downward trajectory.

The foreign secretary told The Sun on Sunday that there needs to be a “level of ambition” when it comes to turning the tide on the bleak economic forecast.

He promised a “small business and self-employment revolution” to help turn things around, adding: “Those are the big businesses of the future that we need to develop, and why shouldn’t Britain have the next Google or the next Facebook? Isn’t it going to be a British company?”

“It’s about that level of ambition. There’s too much talk that there’s going to be a recession. I don’t think that’s inevitable. We can unlock opportunities here in Britain.”

Yet despite his economic optimism, former cabinet members from his own party have expressed “nervousness” about his plans to the Observer.

It’s after Michael Gove said Mrs. Truss I was taking a “vacation from reality” and that he was supporting Rishi Sunak in the contest.

An unnamed former minister told the paper they were “concerned” about the possibility of Truss receiving the keys to Number 10, adding: “The members go one way with Liz, the country at large, on the other.”

Another said: “If you continue with the full culture wars and anti-awakening stuff as well as the economic stuff, it will look like Boris without the charm.

“Then she will turn off the people on the blue wall.”

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What is the state of the Tory leadership race?

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng, who is widely targeted to become Mrs Truss’s chancellor, wrote to Mail+ saying there are plans to help people with energy bills this winter, after her camp was criticized for not addressing the crisis.

He wrote: “I understand the deep anxiety this is causing. As winter approaches, millions of families will be worried about how they will make ends meet.

“But I want to assure the British that help is coming.”

However, Mr. Kwarteng stopped short of announcing any specific help that Ms. Truss’s team could offer.

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It comes after Labour’s alleged plan to freeze the energy price cap won public praise last week, which in turn gave the party a huge boost in the polls.

An Opinium poll shows Sir Keir Starmer’s party opening an eight-point lead over the Conservatives, with data also revealing that Labour’s energy plan was supported by more than 60% of the country.

The poll of 2,001 adults this week gave Labor 39% of the vote to 31% for the Conservatives.

He also gave Sir Keir a boost, as the poll found that he is favored over Truss and Rishi Sunak.

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