Twitter Is Elon Musk's Biggest Test—and Tesla's Biggest Challenge.  How They'll Make It Work.

Elon Musk officially owns Twitter—and now the hand-wringing about his capability to oversee the rest of his empire has started again. Of all the considerations close to


even so, Musk’s potential to take care of his time is almost certainly furthest down the listing.

Musk likes to assume of himself as a difficulty solver, and he has a massive just one to clear up in Twitter. The social-media company is significantly from financially rewarding, and Musk loaded it up with debt to make the acquisition. Getting a way to minimize charges even though producing new earnings from the major tech leveraged buyout ever is a problem that will check his trouble-fixing abilities and pull his interest away from Tesla (ticker: TSLA), SpaceX, The Tedious Co., and Neuralink , the four other providers he controls.

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