Ubisoft and Playrix developers quit to join a network of neon waves…

Ubisoft and Playrix developers quit to join a network of neon waves…

Ever heard the saying “When the money is gone, you find out who your real friends are?” – the bear market has given us the perfect opportunity to discover the real players present in Web 3.0 and, after all, the prospects are not so bright. The mass exodus of GameFi’s ‘Rising stars’ such as Axie Infinity and SolChicks they’ve shown us one thing: gameplay simply doesn’t exist. GameFiit’s not so much for the players as it is for the winners, and this is becoming very clear in the context of the bear market.

So what is the solution?

Put the ‘game’ back on ‘GameFi

Marketing itself as a ‘Play & Win’ ecosystem, Ryber is taking its addictive state-of-the-art gaming to the level of earning potential. Of course, by ryber NFT owners can earn 220% APY when staking, but will stay for the immersion, lore, competitive racing, exploration and endless fun from an endless selection of AAA blockchain games.

“P2E gaming in recent years has mainly served as a form of income rather than a good medium for entertainment. With Ryberwe are interrupting this trend, aiming to inflate the industry with a AAA game – it will be epic “- Dmitry Nevsky, by ryber CEO

ok but what is Ryber? A platform for game developers? Steam but blockchain? A gamified metaverse?

A 3 in 1 GameFi Show to watch

Ryber is a triplebarricade 2022 shotgun an ecosystem, ready to change the world of GameFi for good Let’s unpack those barrels one by one.

– First is the Ryberverse – a three-stage gamified metaverse featuring innovative Play-and-Earn gameplay. Initially, the team will kick off the show with Ryber: The Corridor of Lost Data. Staying true to his ‘play and win’ philosophy, the rookie runner will present robrosmesmerizingly cute, brilliantly talented creatures in maneuver vehicles through unimaginable twists and turns as commanded by the player. The second of the trilogy will come Ryber: Battle Royale, which will pay tribute to the success of the game mode in the segment of traditional games. Finally, by ryber An entire gamified metaverse will be released, uniting the aforementioned games, while providing gamers with an unprecedented level of immersion.

– Next is the RyberMetaMaker – a tool to add blockchain and P2E mechanics to games. In fact, Web3 game developers are currently facing a lot of problems associated with the fact that blockchain games are technically difficult to set up. Because of this, Ryber is in the process of developing a solution that will provide accessible industry-grade tools to developers looking to create their own blockchain games. the RyberMetaMaker will lower the barriers to entry for blockchain game development, catalyzing the mass adoption of blockchain technology

– And finally, the RyberHub – a digital distribution of blockchain games center. Ryber not only is it intended to help create AAA games on the blockchain through the RyberMetaMakerbut aims to help in their promotion, bringing them closer to their players. the RyberHub It will feature unique rating and ranking mechanics, making sure players can quickly find and access the games they are sure to enjoy, all under one roof.

Sounds exciting, what about the backup?

With best-in-class partners, we’re not the only ones excited about Ryber.

As one of the top 50 crypto exchanges that entered the market in 2017, Tidex currently has a trading volume stretching up to $2 million per day. The exchange itself is known for an incredibly comfortable user experience, with a transparent fee structure, fees that are significantly below the market average, and over 100 pairs on offer. Tidex also offers a launch pad and participates in a variety of well-researched investments. efforts. Of course, Ryber is one of their most recent additions.

Next up is Digital Finance Group (DFG), a global blockchain and cryptocurrency investment firm. The group was founded in 2015 and already manages assets valued at more than one billion dollars. DFG’s endorsement is a good sign, considering the scope of its analytical research processes. In fact, DFG’s investment is notorious for landing only in the most exciting and promising blockchain and Web 3.0 projects globally. The fact that Ryber now constitutes a part of your investment portfolio says a lot about the potential of the Ryber project and ecosystem.

So there is WeWay – a major player and partner in the Ryber project, and works as a large-scale ecosystem for brand promotion in the Web 3.0 environment. They serve as bridges between brands, link creators with NFT and Metaverse promotion, and are even known for their work in the Web 3.0 blockchain markets. They offer full-cycle services when it comes to bringing ideas to life on the blockchain and are marketing experts. The relationship between WeWay Y Ryber It is very practical, and this will go a long way in ensuring the success of the Ryber project making sure no stone is left unturned when it comes to spreading the social momentum of the project.

Adding their metaverse experience to the pot, the DAX real estate program is a unique stakeholder in Ryber as the project aims to increase trust in real estate tokenization. In fact, they seek to reduce the risks associated with the creation of metaverses and the tokenization of properties while protecting the rights of all participants. Dax is known for its involvement in projects that function as a guarantor and escrow, providing the necessary due diligence, monitoring and transparency. the Ryberverse It will surely benefit from DAX’s guidance, with its planned gamified metaverse.

I’m in, what’s next?

Ryber it’s just the beginning…

With its NFT mint imminent, now is the time for potential gamers, investors and collectors to get involved. Slow but safe, Ryber you will build your ecosystem, achieving significant milestones along the way. It’s your chance to get in on the ground floor, so check out their whitepaper below and be sure to follow them on all relevant social media channels.

Site: https://ryber.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ryberofficial

Discord: https://discord.gg/rybergame

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release, and it is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.

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